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Volume LII 1 - 2018

Economics, Humanities and Values

Paolo Silvestri, pp. 137-146
This introduction provides a re-reading of Luigi Einaudi’s On Abstract and Historical Hypotheses and on Value Judgments in Economic Sciences, focusing on how Einaudi conceived the relationship among economics, the humanities and values. In particular, its aim is: (§ 1) to explain the reasons why this essay can be considered a confession of a humanist-economist who constantly stepped “beyond the hedge of the garden reserved to the economist”; (§ 2) to clarify the nature of one of the main doubts that Einaudi had concerning the issue of value judgments, with specific reference to the problem of entanglement of fact and value; (§ 3) to cast further light on why, at the end of his life, Einaudi claimed: “I proudly place economic disciplines within the humanities”.
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