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Federica Morelli

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Associate Professor of History of the Americas at the University of Turin, her work centers on colonial Latin American history, early modern European history, imperial history, and Atlantic history.
She is the coordinator of the international PhD program in Global History of Empires and associated member of the research center Mondes Américains at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
Among her main publications: Territorio o Nación. Reforma y disolución del espacio imperial en Ecuador, 1765-1830 (Madrid, 2005), Il Mondo Atlantico. Una storia senza confini (Roma, 2013), L’indipendenza dell’America spagnola. Dalla crisi della monarchia alle nuove repubbliche (Firenze, 2015), De los Andes al Atlántico. Territorio, constitución y ciudadanía en la crisis del imperio español (Quito, 2028), Free People of Color in the Spanish Atlantic: Race and Citizenship, 1780-1850 (New York, 2020).