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Volume LIII 2 - 2019

A Comment to the Papers by Clark, D’Ambrosio and Becchetti about Happiness and (De)growth

Pierluigi Conzo,
pp. 143-150
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The ideas expressed in this note result from a fruitful discussion with A. Clark, C. D’ambrosio and L. Becchetti on happiness and (de)growth. First, results on the standard correlates of life satisfaction and emotional happiness presented by Clark and D’ambrosio are examined; new research avenues are then identified with the aim of expanding the current understandings of unhappiness and its relations with societal characteristics. The second part of this discussion deals with the concept (and applications) of generativity as developed by Becchetti, within the broader paradigm proposed by the Civil Economy school. While the new perspective is key for a more realistic comprehension of human behavior, further research is needed to understand whether the proposed paradigm works equally well in the non-WEIRD countries, and which would be the policy implications for these societies.