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Based on the tradition of Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, founded in 1967, the Annals, which publish two issues per year, aim at facilitating communication and encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas among both established international scholars and younger scholars working in the field of history, economics, political science, and other social disciplines. Its articles have rigorous style and language, but are accessible to scholars belonging to different fields of social sciences.
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“A” Anvur category: 14/B2 – Storia delle relazioni internazionali, delle società e delle istituzioni extraeuropee
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"Economics, History and Economic History in Stefano Fenoaltea’s cliometrics" (with Rivista di Storia Economica)

Current issue (Vol. LIV 2 - 2020)

Introduction to the Symposium “Regional Multilateralism in a Disintegrating World Order”

Francesco Tuccari

Regionalism and Global Governance: The Alternative between Power Politics and New Multilateralism

Mario Telò

Conflict between Theory and Practice: The Organization of American States

Luigi R. Einaudi

Notes for a Presentation on The Caribbean Community and the Practice of Multilateralism

Sandra Honoré

Regional Multilateralism in Africa: A System in Search of Rationalization

Giovanni Finizio

ASEAN’s Position as the Driver’s Seat and Regional Integration/Cooperation in Asia-Pacific

Silvia Menegazzi

Self-Determination at All Costs: Explaining the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis

Marina Calculli

Introduction. Exile: An Acceleration Towards Modernity

Renato Camurri

Transatlantic Routes and Encounters. European Anti-Fascists in Mexico, 1939-1945

Enrico Acciai

The Diaspora Effect: Cultural Hybridisation in Italian Jewish Philosopher Renato Treves and Spanish Republican Essayist Francisco Ayala in Argentina (1938-1944)

Giulia Quaggio

Trajectories of Political Exile in France and the United States. The Double Exile of Nicola Chiaromonte

Cesare Panizza

Between Great Britain and the USA: A Transnational Approach to Gaetano Salvemini’s Exile

Alice Gussoni

A Political Exile ‘Relived’. Paolo Treves in Great Britain (1938-1945)

Francesca Fiorani

Democracy and State Capacity as Determinants of Life Expectancy: Evidence from Latin America

Davide Grassi and Vincenzo Memoli

Place-Making Processes in the Diasporic Network: A Sherpa Garden in Scotland

Rita Mancini

All that Glitters Is not Gold: The Case of Mainstream Pluralism

Andrea Salanti

Credit, Debt and Distribution in the Monetary Theories of Augusto Graziani and Michał Kalecki

Jan Toporowski

Hodgson: An Institution across Disciplinary Barriers

Angela Ambrosino and Paolo Silvestri


Marshall Sahlins's "Stone Age Economics", a Semicentenary Estimate

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Vol. LIV, n. 1 – 2020

Edited by F. Morelli and M. Mariano. Contributors: M. Henry, D. Besseghini, F. Nanni & A. Morea, E. Frezet, D. Ellwood

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: A. E. Clarke and C. D’Ambrosio, L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, M. Pugno, E. Felice, D. Donnini Macciò, A. Carabelli

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: S. Fenoaltea, L. Prados de la Escosura, A. Baffigi, G. Vecchi, C. Diebolt and M. J. Haupert, J. Assa

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by F. Cassata and S. Lorenzini. Contributors: S. Venditti and M. Noël

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by Matthew Evangelista. Contributors: J. M. Welsh, N. C. Crawford, E. Brighi, F. Armao, M. Boggero

Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Edited by M. Cedrini and J. B. Davis. Contributors: R. Backhouse and P. Fontaine, M. D. White, J. B. Davis, A. Caillé
Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Contributors: L. L. Pasinetti, B. W. Bateman, M. C. Marcuzzo
Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include G. Bertola, K. O’Rourke, S. Fenoaltea, U. Panizza

Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include: F. Tuccari, M. Meriggi, L. Di Fiore, V. Beonio Brocchieri, P. Delpiano, G. Gozzini

Vol. LI, n. 2 – 2017

Contributors include M. Ambrosi, G. Bertola, M. Bresciani, T. Caponio, P. Clarke, L. Einaudi, M. Ferrera, J. Kregel, L. Quaglia, F. Saraceno, M. Telò, V. Valli.
Vol. LI, n. 1 – 2017

Contributors include J. Bibow, A. Carabelli, M.  Cedrini, E. Citera, P. Clarke, J. Davis, S. Dow, L. Fantacci, R. Marchionatti, P. Paesani, K. von Seekamm, R. Skidelsky, D. Togati, and D. Vines.