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“A” Anvur category: 14/B2 – Storia delle relazioni internazionali, delle società e delle istituzioni extraeuropee
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Marshall Sahlins's "Stone Age Economics"

A Semicentenary Estimate

Current issue (Vol. LV 1 - 2021)

Introduction to the Symposium “Marshall Sahlins’s ‘Stone Age Economics’, a Semi-Centenary Estimate”

Mario Cedrini and Roberto Marchionatti

On the Spirit of the Gift that Is ‘Stone Age Economics’

Chris Gregory

Hunter Gatherers and the Crisis of Civilization

John M. Gowdy

The Original Affluent Society and the Culture of Scarcity

Nicholas Xenos

Sahlins and a Kind of Anthropology

James G. Carrier

Reconciling Spirit and Contract? Marshall Sahlins and the “Essai sur le don”

Philippe Chanial and Ilana F. Silber

From the Continuum of Reciprocities to the Multiplicity of Perspectives. Problematising Sahlins’ Triad into Animist Ontologies

Pol Llopart i Olivella

The Housewife and the Home: Stone Age Economics and Insights For US (and Global North) Economies

Karen Ho

Conjectural History and Empirical Data. A Deep History of the Human Condition

Osvaldo Raggio

Has Money Transformed Our Brains? A Glimpse into Stone-Age Neuroeconomics

Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde

The Surplus Approach, the Polanyian Tradition, and Institutions in Economic Anthropology and Archaeology

Sergio Cesaratto and Stefano Di Bucchianico

Divine Kingship in the Firm: Reciprocity, Organizational Culture, and Founder Cults

Giuseppe Danese

David Graeber, Bureaucratic Violence, and the Critique of Surveillance Capitalism

Veronica Barassi

Cosmic Economics

Marshall Sahlins

British Imperial Administration and the “Thin Crust of Order”: Society, Constitution, and Diplomacy in the Political Thought of Lord Elgin

Matilde Cazzola

From Pareto to Bridgman: The Operational Turn of Samuelson, Sraffa and Leontief

Luca Timponelli

Review of Massimiliano Vatiero, ‘The Theory of Transaction in Institutional Economics. A History’, Abington and New York: Routledge, 2020

Marco Giraudo

Review of ‘Cultural Considerations Within Austrian Economics’, by Virgil H. Storr and Arielle John, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020

Jacopo Marchetti

Review of Ricardo F. Crespo, ‘The Nature and Method of Economic Sciences. Evidence, Causality and Ends’, London: Routledge, 2020

Stefano Zamagni

Call for papers

"Economics, History and Economic History in Stefano Fenoaltea’s cliometrics" (with Rivista di Storia Economica)

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Special issues

Vol. LIV, n. 1 – 2020

Edited by F. Morelli and M. Mariano. Contributors: M. Henry, D. Besseghini, F. Nanni & A. Morea, E. Frezet, D. Ellwood

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: A. E. Clarke and C. D’Ambrosio, L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, M. Pugno, E. Felice, D. Donnini Macciò, A. Carabelli

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: S. Fenoaltea, L. Prados de la Escosura, A. Baffigi, G. Vecchi, C. Diebolt and M. J. Haupert, J. Assa

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by F. Cassata and S. Lorenzini. Contributors: S. Venditti and M. Noël

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by Matthew Evangelista. Contributors: J. M. Welsh, N. C. Crawford, E. Brighi, F. Armao, M. Boggero

Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Edited by M. Cedrini and J. B. Davis. Contributors: R. Backhouse and P. Fontaine, M. D. White, J. B. Davis, A. Caillé
Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Contributors: L. L. Pasinetti, B. W. Bateman, M. C. Marcuzzo
Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include G. Bertola, K. O’Rourke, S. Fenoaltea, U. Panizza

Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include: F. Tuccari, M. Meriggi, L. Di Fiore, V. Beonio Brocchieri, P. Delpiano, G. Gozzini

Vol. LI, n. 2 – 2017

Contributors include M. Ambrosi, G. Bertola, M. Bresciani, T. Caponio, P. Clarke, L. Einaudi, M. Ferrera, J. Kregel, L. Quaglia, F. Saraceno, M. Telò, V. Valli.
Vol. LI, n. 1 – 2017

Contributors include J. Bibow, A. Carabelli, M.  Cedrini, E. Citera, P. Clarke, J. Davis, S. Dow, L. Fantacci, R. Marchionatti, P. Paesani, K. von Seekamm, R. Skidelsky, D. Togati, and D. Vines.