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Based on the tradition of Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, founded in 1967, the Annals, which publish two issues per year, aim at facilitating communication and encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas among both established international scholars and younger scholars working in the field of history, economics, political science, and other social disciplines. Its articles have rigorous style and language, but are accessible to scholars belonging to different fields of social sciences.
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“A” Anvur category: 14/B2 – Storia delle relazioni internazionali, delle società e delle istituzioni extraeuropee
ISSN: 2532-4969

Current issue (Vol. LV 2 - 2021)

Editors’ Preface to the Symposium “Is a Europe in the Spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto Still Possible?”

Journal Editors

The Origins of the European Project after the First World War (1919-1930)

Antonella Braga

The Cultural Roots of Ventotene’s Manifesto: The Spinelli’s Perspective

Piero Graglia

Anti-Fascism and Pro-European Movement

Paolo Soddu

1941-2021: Strengths and Weaknesses of the EU’s Emergence as an Unprecedented Power in a Non-European World

Mario Telò

The European Project between Progressive Evolution and Sudden Discontinuity: A Long Term Historical Assessment

Luca Einaudi

Germany’s Two Models and the Long-Term Sustainability of the Eurozone

Annamaria Simonazzi

An Economic and Monetary ‘Experiment’ Gone Too Far?

Paola Subacchi

Growth and the Single Currency: Fiscal Policy as the Cause of Disunity in the EU

Jan Kregel

The Return of Fiscal Policy: Eurozone Macroeconomic Governance after Covid

Francesco Saraceno

Ventotene and the Evolving Pattern of Migration

Alessandra Venturini

Sustainable Development as a Fundamental Goal of the EU and its Implications for Business in Society

Vera Palea

A “United States of Europe” – An Idea Whose Time Has Come (or Gone)? The Insecurity Cycle in Europe and America

Suzanne J. Konzelmann and Marc Fovargue-Davies

Taking Soft Power Seriously: Power and Prestige in International Relations Today

David W. Ellwood

Revolution and Nations: A Specifically European History?

Antonino De Francesco

On a Life Path Exploring the Dangerous Relationships of Philosophy, Economics and the Humanities. A Memoir of Fabio Ranchetti (1948-2020)

Bruna Ingrao

Review of Peter J. Boettke and Alain Marciano (eds.), “The Soul of Classical Political Economy: James M. Buchanan from the Archives”, Fairfax, VA: Mercatus Centre at George Mason University, 2020

John Meadowcroft

Review of Sergio Cesaratto, “Heterodox Challenges in Economics: Theoretical Issues and the Crisis of the Eurozone”, Berlin: Springer, 2020

Paolo Paesani

Pierre Clastres's "La Société contre l’État"

A Semi-centenary Estimate

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Vol. LIV, n. 1 – 2020

Edited by F. Morelli and M. Mariano. Contributors: M. Henry, D. Besseghini, F. Nanni & A. Morea, E. Frezet, D. Ellwood

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: A. E. Clarke and C. D’Ambrosio, L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, M. Pugno, E. Felice, D. Donnini Macciò, A. Carabelli

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: S. Fenoaltea, L. Prados de la Escosura, A. Baffigi, G. Vecchi, C. Diebolt and M. J. Haupert, J. Assa

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by F. Cassata and S. Lorenzini. Contributors: S. Venditti and M. Noël

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by Matthew Evangelista. Contributors: J. M. Welsh, N. C. Crawford, E. Brighi, F. Armao, M. Boggero

Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Edited by M. Cedrini and J. B. Davis. Contributors: R. Backhouse and P. Fontaine, M. D. White, J. B. Davis, A. Caillé
Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Contributors: L. L. Pasinetti, B. W. Bateman, M. C. Marcuzzo
Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include G. Bertola, K. O’Rourke, S. Fenoaltea, U. Panizza

Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include: F. Tuccari, M. Meriggi, L. Di Fiore, V. Beonio Brocchieri, P. Delpiano, G. Gozzini

Vol. LI, n. 2 – 2017

Contributors include M. Ambrosi, G. Bertola, M. Bresciani, T. Caponio, P. Clarke, L. Einaudi, M. Ferrera, J. Kregel, L. Quaglia, F. Saraceno, M. Telò, V. Valli.
Vol. LI, n. 1 – 2017

Contributors include J. Bibow, A. Carabelli, M.  Cedrini, E. Citera, P. Clarke, J. Davis, S. Dow, L. Fantacci, R. Marchionatti, P. Paesani, K. von Seekamm, R. Skidelsky, D. Togati, and D. Vines.