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Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi is a peer-reviewed academic journal aiming to promote interdisciplinarity as a method of scientific inquiry and a highly relevant issue in social sciences.

Based on the tradition of Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, founded in 1967, the Annals, which publish two issues per year, aim at facilitating communication and encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas among both established international scholars and younger scholars working in the field of history, economics, political science, and other social disciplines. Its articles have rigorous style and language, but are accessible to scholars belonging to different fields of social sciences.
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“A” Anvur category: 14/B2 – Storia delle relazioni internazionali, delle società e delle istituzioni extraeuropee
ISSN: 2532-4969

Current issue (Vol. LVI 1 - 2022)

Taming the Mobility and Immobility Dilemma in Labour History: A Short Introduction

Claudia Bernardi

The Perimeters of Mobility in Early Modern Construction Sites (Savoy States, 18th Century)

Nicoletta Rolla

Runaway Heuristics: A Micro-Spatial Study of Immobilizing Chains c. 1790

Johan Heinsen

Enslaved Labour and Im/Mobility in the Mediterranean: The Italian Case (1752-1885)

Giulia Bonazza

Slavery, Mobility, and Freedom in the Spanish Atlantic During the Age of Revolutions

Federica Morelli

Ejidatario and Bracero: The Troublesome Relation Between Land and Mobility in Mexico (1940s-1950s)

Claudia Bernardi

Introduction: Economics, History and Economic History in Stefano Fenoaltea’s Cliometrics

Alberto Baffigi and Giovanni Vecchi

Opening Address

Ignazio Visco

In Search for Another “Fish Story”: Stefano Fenoaltea’s Last (Unfinished) Revolution

Alberto Baffigi

Rome and the Polis: Tradition and Change in the Financial Accounts of Tauromenion, 1st Century B.C.

Filippo Battistoni and Marco Martinez

Fenoaltea in the Italian Mirror: Recollections by a Student of His

Giacomo Gabbuti

Northern Is Better? A Quantitative Transaction Costs Analysis of the Northern Invasion Phenomenon, Genoa 1590-1616

Antonio Iodice and Luigi Oddo

The Labor Productivity Differential between the West Indies and West Africa: 1680-1830

Wasiq N. Khan

Schumpeter vs. Minsky on the Evolution of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship

Lino Sau

European Union, Pandemics, and Wars

Giuseppe Bertola

Zero Interest Rates, ECB “Fiscal Policy” and Beyond

Carlo D’Adda

Review of Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Ghislain Deleplace and Paolo Paesani (Eds.), New Perspectives on Political Economy and Its History, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Carlo Cristiano

Review of Irene Fattacciu, Empire, Political Economy, and the Diffusion of Chocolate in the Atlantic World, New York-London: Routledge, 2020

Mattia Steardo

Review of Kenneth Dyson, Conservative Liberalism, Ordo-Liberalism, and the State, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021

Malte Dold and Tim Krieger

The Failed Epistemologies of AI?

Making Sense of AI Errors, Failures and their Impacts on Society

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Special issues

Volume LVI 1 – 2022

Edited by C. Bernardi. Contributions by N. Rolla, J. Heinsen, G. Bonazza, F. Morelli, C. Bernardi

Volume LVI 1 – 2022

Edited by A. Baffigi and G. Vecchi. Contributions by I. Visco, A. Baffigi, F. Battistoni and M. Martinez, G. Gabbuti, A. Iodice and L. Oddo, W.N. Khan

Volume LV 2 – 2021

Contributions by A. Graglia, P. Braga, P. Soddu, M. Telò, L. Einaudi, A. Simonazzi, P. Subacchi, J. Kregel, F. Saraceno, A. Venturini, V. Palea, S.J. Konzelmann and M. Fovargue-Davies, D.W. Ellwood, A. De Francesco

Volume LV 1 – 2021

Edited by M. Cedrini and R. Marchionatti. Contributions by C. Gregory, J. Gowdy, N. Xenos, J. Carrier, P. Chanial and I. Silber, P. Llopart i Olivella, K. Ho, O. Raggio, S. Bourgeois-Gironde, S. Cesaratto and S. Di Bucchianico, G. Danese, V. Barassi, M. Sahlins

Volume LIV 2 – 2020

Edited by R. Camurri. Contributors: E. Acciai, G. Quaggio, C. Panizza, A. Gussoni, F. Fiorani

Vol. LIV, n. 2 – 2020

Contributors: F. Tuccari, M. Telò, L. R. Einaudi, S. Honoré, G. Finizio, S. Menegazzi, M. Calculli

Vol. LIV, n. 1 – 2020

Edited by F. Morelli and M. Mariano. Contributors: M. Henry, D. Besseghini, F. Nanni & A. Morea, E. Frezet, D. Ellwood

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: A. E. Clarke and C. D’Ambrosio, L. Becchetti, P. Conzo, M. Pugno, E. Felice, D. Donnini Macciò, A. Carabelli

Vol. LIII, n. 2 – 2019

Contributors: S. Fenoaltea, L. Prados de la Escosura, A. Baffigi, G. Vecchi, C. Diebolt and M. J. Haupert, J. Assa

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by F. Cassata and S. Lorenzini. Contributors: S. Venditti and M. Noël

Vol. LIII, n. 1 – 2019

Edited by Matthew Evangelista. Contributors: J. M. Welsh, N. C. Crawford, E. Brighi, F. Armao, M. Boggero

Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Edited by M. Cedrini and J. B. Davis. Contributors: R. Backhouse and P. Fontaine, M. D. White, J. B. Davis, A. Caillé
Vol. LII, n. 2 – 2018

Contributors: L. L. Pasinetti, B. W. Bateman, M. C. Marcuzzo
Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include G. Bertola, K. O’Rourke, S. Fenoaltea, U. Panizza

Vol. LII, n. 1 – 2018

Contributors include: F. Tuccari, M. Meriggi, L. Di Fiore, V. Beonio Brocchieri, P. Delpiano, G. Gozzini

Vol. LI, n. 2 – 2017

Contributors include M. Ambrosi, G. Bertola, M. Bresciani, T. Caponio, P. Clarke, L. Einaudi, M. Ferrera, J. Kregel, L. Quaglia, F. Saraceno, M. Telò, V. Valli.
Vol. LI, n. 1 – 2017

Contributors include J. Bibow, A. Carabelli, M.  Cedrini, E. Citera, P. Clarke, J. Davis, S. Dow, L. Fantacci, R. Marchionatti, P. Paesani, K. von Seekamm, R. Skidelsky, D. Togati, and D. Vines.