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Volume LIII 2 - 2019

Review of Mario Morroni, ‘What Is the Truth about the Great Recession and Increasing Inequality? Dialogues on Disputed Issues and Conflicting Theories’, Cham: Springer, 2018

James Derbyshire,
pp. 289-292
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Review article.
  • The Backlash to Globalization: Some Further Thoughts

    Stefano Fenoaltea
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 15-20
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1029
  • The Real Effects of Financial Globalization: What Do the Data Say?

    Ugo Panizza
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 21-30
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1030
  • Great Depression, 2008 Great Contraction, and World History

    Giovanni Gozzini
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 73-80
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1036
  • Germany and its Low Growth

    Pierluigi Ciocca
    Volume LII 2 - 2018 pp. 221-244
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1061
  • Making Neoliberal Narratives of European Integration. The Case of the Institute of Economic Affairs (1970s-1980s)

    Roberto Ventresca
    Volume LIII 2 - 2019 pp. 249-270
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1093