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Volume LVI 1 - 2022

Slavery, Mobility, and Freedom in the Spanish Atlantic During the Age of Revolutions

Federica Morelli,
pp. 79-100
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This article illustrates the strong connection between slave mobility and freedom in the late 18th and early 19th century Spanish Atlantic. As historiography has clearly revealed, slavery did not always mean living under the constant supervision of masters; it entailed some autonomy in terms of physical movement and the ability to socialize, especially in urban areas. This relative mobility was crucial in explaining the rise in civil litigation brought by slaves during this period. Through the analysis of some juridical cases, the paper will show how the slaves’ notion that they could inhabit a transitional stage, getting closer to freedom as they pursued their cases or paid off their prices, drew on the practice of “conditional mobility” which allowed them to earn money or to sue.

  • Introduction to the Symposium: New Geographies of the Atlantic, 19-20th Centuries

    Marco Mariano and Federica Morelli
    Volume LIV 1 - 2020 pp. 3-8
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1097