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Francesco Saraceno

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Deputy Department Director at OFCE-Sciences Po. He holds Ph.Ds in Economics from Columbia University and La Sapienza University of Rome. His main research interests include the relationship between inequality and macroeconomic performance, European macroeconomic policies, and the interaction between structural reforms, fiscal and monetary policies. He published in several international journals.
In 2000 he became member of the Council of Economic Advisors for the Italian Prime Minister’s Office. In 2002 he moved to Paris to work at OFCE, the Research Center in Economics of Sciences-Po Paris. He is in charge of the Economics concentration of the Master of European Affairs at Sciences-Po, where he teaches international and European macroeconomics. He is member of the Scientific Board for the LUISS School of European Political Economy (SEP), where he also teaches European macroeconomics. He teaches also at INSEAD Fontainebleau and at the Bruges College of Europe.
He regularly does consulting and executive trainings, and he is involved in the institutional dialogue on macroeconomic policy in the EU. He advises the International Labour Organization (ILO) on macroeconomic policies and employment. He has served as a member of the Scientific Committee of Confindustria. He maintains a blog on European matters, and regularly intervenes in the public debate on the EU economy. Twitter: @fsaraceno.