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Luca Einaudi

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General director for infrastructural investment in the Department for the coordination of economic policy and planning of the Italian Prime Minister Office and a research associate of the Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge. His research focuses on financial and monetary history, economic policy and immigration.
He holds a PhD in economic history from the University of Cambridge, and has been a research associate of the Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge, a visiting professor at the Institut de Sciences Politiques in Paris and visiting fellow at the University of Princeton. He was an economic advisor to Prime Minister Romano Prodi in 1998, a member of the Cabinet of the Minister for the Governmental Programme in 2006-2008 and a senior economist in the Italian G8/G20 office in 2008-2009. Since 2015 he is head of the Office for Infrastructural Investment at the Department for Economic Policy Planning and Coordination of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.
Amongst his publications are Money and Politics: European Monetary Unification and the International Gold Standard 1865-1873 (2001); Luigi Einaudi, Selected Economic Essays (with R. Faucci and R. Marchionatti, 2006), Immigration policies in Italy from Unification to today (2007).