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Mario Cedrini

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Associate Professor of History of Economic Thought at the University of Torino, his works have mainly focused on John Maynard Keynes’s thought, and the contemporary relevance of his epistemological and methodological reflections, and suggestions for global reform.
Supported by a research grant by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (PRIN 2017), his current research project focuses on economics as (increasingly fragmented, and possibly more pluralistic) discipline, also in relation to other social sciences, and is aimed to explore the current status of economics by means of text-mining techniques for mapping disciplines.
He is the author of Economics as Social Science. Economics Imperialism and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity, with R. Marchionatti, 2017, of Secondo Keynes. Il disordine del neoliberismo e le speranze di una nuova Bretton Woods (in Italian), with A. Carabelli, 2014, and of a series of articles in international economics journals (CJE, JoIE, JEM, EJHET, JPKE, JEI).
He has served as Secretary-General of the Italian Association for the History of Political Economy (STOREP) for the years 2015-21.