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Sandrine Kott

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Sandrine Kott is full professor of Modern European History at the University of Geneva since 2004 and an invited professor at New York University since 2017.
Her main fields of expertise are the history of social welfare and labor in France and Germany since the nineteenth century and labor (and power) relations in those countries of real socialism, in particular in the German Democratic Republic. More recently, she has developed the transnational and global dimensions of each of her fields of expertise by taking advantage of the archives and resources of international organizations.
Among her last publications: Organiser le monde. Une autre histoire de la guerre froide, Paris, Le Seuil, 2021, Sozialstaat und Gesellschaft. Das deutsche Kaiserreich in Europa, Göttingen, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 2014; Day to Day Communism. State Enterprises in East German Society, Michigan, MUP, 2014; (ed with Kiran Patel) Nazism across Borders. The Social Policies of the Third Reich and their Global Appeal, Oxford University Press, 2018; (ed with Michel Christian and Ondrej Matejka), Planning in Cold War Europe. Competition, Cooperation, circulation (1950s-1970s), Oldenburg, De Gruyter, 2018.