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Volume LIV 2 - 2020

A Political Exile ‘Relived’. Paolo Treves in Great Britain (1938-1945)

Francesca Fiorani,
pp. 215-230
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Paolo Treves (1908-1958), son of the well- known Socialist leader Claudio, grew up in close contact with many great representatives of the Italian anti – fascist movement. He and his whole family were persecuted by the Fascist regime for their political views and were forced to leave the country. After the racial laws Treves migrated to Great Britain, where he stayed until 1945. During his years of exile, he worked at the BBC as writer and speaker for the Italian Service. He was also engaged in the Free Italy Movement, the group formed by Italian exiles in the United Kingdom, and wrote for several British newspapers, mainly linked with the Labour Party and the Fabian Society. All of these propaganda activities helped him to create a network also with other European refugees, turning a negative and painful experience as exile in an opportunity to fight the Fascist regime. Thanks to the British editor Victor Gollancz, he started to write for the periodical “The Left News” and for its supplement “International Socialist Forum”. These periodicals had the aim to give voice to Socialist exiles from all over Europe, encouraging the debate between them.