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Volume LIV 2 - 2020

Between Great Britain and the USA: A Transnational Approach to Gaetano Salvemini’s Exile

Alice Gussoni,
pp. 195-214
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Gaetano Salvemini was one of the most prominent intellectuals forced into exile during the Fascist period. Although there is already a substantial critical bibliography on his experience, the period of his European exile – between 1925 and 1934 – has thus far been neglected. Archival sources collected in Italy, Great Britain, and the USA call for a reappraisal of this period, revealing that Salvemini managed to gain the support of a transnational network based in Great Britain. The network shared Salvemini’s anti-Fascist views and helped him to devise strategies to counterbalance the propaganda machine of the Fascist regime. This article will adopt a transnational perspective, interpreting Salvemini’s exile as a process of mutual influence which allowed him to establish relationships with British intellectuals who played an active role in shaping his anti-Fascist campaign. It will explore the details of Salvemini’s experience, drawing comparisons between his attitude to France and the USA. By analysing the vital role that Salvemini’s network played, this article aims to demonstrate the importance of adopting a transnational perspective for understanding the anti-Fascist exile experience.