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Volume LII 2 - 2018

Challenges of Contemporary Regionalism: The EU between Regional and Global Governance. A Review Essay

Furio Stamati,
pp. 303-322
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The present review essay presents ten recently published books on regionalism, integration and global governance. The discussion focuses on the state of European integration post-crisis and on the EU’s external projection and possible role in a multi-polar global order. Drawing mainly on recent works by Mario Telò, a pioneer in the integration of International Relations and European Area studies, the article addresses integration from a comparative regionalist perspective. Several theoretical and normative insights taken from the regionalist debate are applied to specific dilemmas of EU integration in a multi-polar “world of regions”. The interplay between external trade and security policy is analysed by considering European relations with China, Russia and the WTO. Recent empirical accounts of the Ukrainian crisis help in assessing the feasibility of regional governance in Europe and its contribution to global stability. The study concludes that the EU is well positioned to overcome tensions between its region-building efforts and the emergence of a post-hegemonic global governance framework. To succeed, however, the Union must pragmatically revise its current mix of integration and cooperation, with a view to acquiring the strategic capabilities needed to guarantee security within its area of influence.