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Volume LII 1 - 2018

Early Modern History in the Journal of Global History

Patrizia Delpiano,
pp. 63-72
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This paper analyses to what extent, if any, global history has changed our understanding of the themes and problems of early modern history. It does so by undertaking a specific case study, that of the Journal of Global History, a periodical founded in 2006 on the initiative of a group connected to the London School of Economics and published by the Cambridge University Press. The journal is used as a lens through which to examine a number of issues: from the definition of global history to its links with other emergent historiographical perspectives (section 1); the time periods, topics and spaces on which global history has focused (section 2); and the discipline’s protagonists and sources (section 3).
  • Foreword to the Symposium on Global History

    Francesco Tuccari
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 33-34
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1031
  • Global History: Structures, Strategies, Open Problems

    Marco Meriggi
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 35-44
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1032
  • Geographies of Global History

    Laura Di Fiore
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 45-52
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1033
  • The Great Divergence vingt ans après: Toward a Medium-term Synthesis?

    Vittorio H. Beonio Brocchieri
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 53-62
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1034
  • Great Depression, 2008 Great Contraction, and World History

    Giovanni Gozzini
    Volume LII 1 - 2018 pp. 73-80
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1036