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Volume LII 1 - 2018

Geographies of Global History

Laura Di Fiore,
pp. 45-52
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The paper, focusing on the pivotal spatial rethinking in global history, briefly reconstructs some implications of the assumption of an original spatial perspective in the global historical research from its beginnings to nowadays. The application of a constructivist perspective leads, on the one hand, to the choice of units of analysis basically alien to any form of centrism and to the hierarchies of meta-geographies; on the other hand, to the deconstruction of the traditional nation-state frame, historicized and reconceptualised in new ways in a global perspective. Moreover, after a rich debate developed in the years 2006-2015 about issues of space and scale, new life has come to global history through a more accurate empirical research, devoting more attention to contexts, social actors and primary sources.

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