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Volume LV 2 - 2021

Editors’ Preface to the Symposium “Is a Europe in the Spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto Still Possible?”

Journal Editors,
pp. 3-5
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Editors’ Preface to the Symposium: Is a Europe in the Spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto Still Possible?

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Ventotene Manifesto, the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi and the Jean Monnet Chair ‘No Fear 4 Europe’ of the University of Torino organized an on-line international conference (January 20-22, 2021) gathering together leading scholars in the fields of economics, history, and political sciences. The main focus was the state of crisis and its long-term effects, but also the potential and prospects for change in the process of European integration – starting from an assessment of the historical impact and continuing relevance of the Ventotene vision. The conference consisted of four sections: 1. “At the Origin of the European Project: The Ventotene Manifesto”; 2. “The European Project: A Long-run Perspective”; 3. “The European Union: Challenges and Issues”; 4. “Rewriting the Rules of the European Economy”.