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Volume LI 2 - 2017

On the Relationship between Einaudi and Keynes in the Early 1920s

Roberto Marchionatti,
pp. 267-286
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We publish here four letters between Luigi Einaudi and John M. Keynes of the period March-April 1922 and related to Einaudi’s contribution to the Manchester Guardian Supplements. Einaudi was one of the Italians invited to contribute to The Reconstruction in Europe, together with, among others, Benedetto Croce, Amedeo Giannini, Luigi Luzzatti, Francesco Saverio Nitti, and the young Piero Sraffa.

  • J.M. Keynes: The Modernity of an Un-Modern Economist

    Anna Carabelli, Mario Cedrini, Roberto Marchionatti
    Volume LI 1 - 2017 pp. 17-54
    Cite this article as DOI: 10.26331/1002